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Title: State as a builder of public initiatives in Lula's government: an analysis of public system of communication in Brazil
metadata.dc.creator: Cabral Filho, Adilson Vaz
Cabral, Eula Dantas Taveira
Abstract: [en] Public system is mentioned as one of the three communication systems in the Brazilian Constitution, considering also private and State ones, in agreement with the principle of mutual complement. This article is based on a bibliographical and documental research with special attention given to the recently created EBC – Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (Brazilian Company of Communication for the words in English), responsible for the implementation of TV Brasil (a State TV channel) and also for the first settings towards so called public television, that is today restricted to the Constitutional text of 1988. It analyzes players and elements involved in this situation – considering particularities of the Brazilian communication system – and highlights State responsibility for building a communication system based on public interest. It also considers Political Economy of Communication as an opportunity of understanding State as a regulator and executor of politics – and its role in the maintenance of hegemonic oriented ideologies. Brazil is a continental country with distinct economic realities and many diversified cultures, where nearly everybody speaks (Brazilian) Portuguese as a first language. Brazilian communication system was built under a national integrative perspective by military dictatorship in the 60’s and 70’s last century. And it relied on foreign capital, which was illegal according to our national constitution at that time, when three out of the five Brazilian regions were not so developed. The Globo network, one of the world’s largest private broadcast networks, grew larger with the Time Life group’s funds and was based on an extension of all regions, with all technical and artistic quality that money could buy. Media Community presented many initiatives that were actually a real challenge to organized social groups and movements in the field. TV Brasil started its transmissions in December 2007, occupying one of the channels managed by the State, according to the Decree that implemented digital television in the country. According to the current legislation, public initiatives led by social groups are considered productions, while community channels and other initiatives of the so called television´s public field – though operating open and free at cable system – have no guarantee of their continuity in digital TV broadcasting.
[pt] Este artigo tem por base a realização de uma pesquisa bibliográfica e documental, dando especial atenção à recém-criada EBC – Empresa Brasil de Comunicação, responsável pela implementação da TV Brasil no marco do governo Lula e a configuração da assim chamada TV Pública, diante de um sistema público de comunicação que ainda se mantém restrito ao texto constitucional de 1988. Analisa atores e elementos envolvidos nessa situação, levando em conta a particularidade brasileira em relação ao setor de comunicação e a responsabilidade do estado brasileiro em construir uma comunicação baseada no interesse público.
[sp] Este artículo toma por base la realización de una investigación bibliográfica y documental, dando atención especial a la empresa estatal recientemente criada EBC - Empresa Brasil de Comunicação, responsable por la implementación de la TV Brasil en el marco del gobierno Lula y la configuración de la así llamada TV pública, en relación a un sistema público de la comunicación que todavía se sigue habiendo restricta al texto constitucional de 1988. Analiza a agentes implicados y los elementos en esta situación, tenendo en cuenta la particularidad brasileña en lo referente al sector de comunicación y a la responsabilidad del estado brasileño en construir una comunicación basada en el interés público.
Keywords: Televisão pública
Democratização da comunicação
Políticas de comunicação
TV Brasil
Empresa Brasil de Comunicação
Sistema Público de Comunicação
Publisher: UFS
Citation: Eptic on line, v.11, n.2, 2009.
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Issue Date: 2009
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